Talent Search


What’s different about The World Class Talent Search?

Quite simply… it’s realistic. One of the frustrations of the music business is getting sales pitches and unrealistic advice. Does it seem that everywhere you turn… somebody is claiming they “know somebody” that can make you a star?

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Artist Services


Our mission is to nurture, support, motivate & plan.

Whether you’re an established artist or just beginning your career, it takes a team. 25 years of industry experience positions World Class Talent to provide a comprehensive suite of Artist Management and Development Services tailored to your current needs.

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Hassle-free. Worry-free.

Let WCP absorb all the stress, anxiety & annoying, unforeseen circumstances that ALWAYS arise at times like these. We’ll be right there at your side, form start to showtime, to ensure a seamless and worry-free event solution. Free of hassles & headaches.

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We've made entertainment our business.

So that it only ever feels like entertainment to our clients - not business!