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What’s different about The World Class Talent Search?

Quite simply… it’s realistic. One of the frustrations of the music business is getting sales pitches and unrealistic advice. Seems everywhere you turn… somebody is claiming they “know somebody” that can make you a star.

We’re not going to do that to you.

What we ARE going to do for you is the following:

- Give you an honest, initial screening of your talent. We’re not going to lead you on, take your money and tell you that you’re the next “Taylor Swift” if, quite honestly, you’re not. (we WILL be polite about it. Promise!)

- If we think you’ve got a decent shot, we’ll advance you to the actual talent competition and put you up on the stage. From that point forward… we’ll let the audience and judges decide who keeps advancing.


What’s in it for me?

World Class Talent will assemble a Career Development Package to include:

- Recording session studio time (up to 3-song demo)

- Airplay on Renegade Radio Nashville (upon completion of recording session)

- Management deal with World Class Talent


How much does it cost?

Pretty affordable. And a safe, reasonable investment in advancing your artist career.

- $20 Screening Fee: This is non-refundable. And doesn’t guarantee you’ll advance to the World Class Talent Search competition. This is simply an affordable and effective screening process. You’ll fill out a short form. You’ll include a YouTube link to your audition submission OR you can take advantage of our “in-person” audition process.

- You will be notified within 7 working days of submitting your Screening Fee & Form as to whether you’ll be advancing to the World Class Talent Search competition.

- If you are chosen to advance, your only further commitment will be a one-time fee of $150.00. 


Pretty simple huh?

(We thought so!)


Wanna get started?

Click HERE to pay your non-refundable $20 Screening Fee.

You’ll then be directed HERE to fill out your Screening Submission Form.




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